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Weave - a web fantasy - Elfwood Plugs

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August 26th, 2009

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11:43 am - Weave - a web fantasy
We are Mihailo and Manda, and we are here to get some attention, advice, critique and council.

See, we have started our web tale and we would really appreciate you joining us in the threads of the Weave.

Weave is primarily a fantasy story, but in exploring it you will find many more layers, from action to (dare we say) philosophy, from sentimentality to intertextuality. 

In short, we want to tell an engaging tale with lovingly rendered art and make a fantasy comic that others will enjoy. 

But why not let our work speak for us... 

Here is page 8. 

Weave Page 8

How did it get to this?!? Discover on 


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