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Quick and Easy Guide to Elfwood-LJ ........................
elfwood is for community discussions. Join elfwoodplugs to plug your art, or recommend others! And for discussions relating to rules and policies at Elfwood, including moderator decisions, check out elfwoodrules. Keep an eye on elfwoodtech to find out what is going on with the technical side of Elfwood.

Other notable Elfwood-Related journals include:
ew_crits :: a place to receive critiques on your art or stories
wyverns_library :: for the writers
wyvern :: a collaborative story project
ew_gothic :: for Elfwood members/enthusiasts who appreciate the darker side of art and writing
erb :: Elfwood Review Board's official journal
ew_mods :: Elfwood Moderator's official journal
thedarkcorner :: The place to find artists willing to do free requests, art trades and collaborations.
ew_imagedoctors :: If you need help fixing up images before submission to Elfwood, stop by and have a look.



1. DON'T ASK FOR HELP WITH LIVEJOURNAL. Please refer all technical questions related to livejournal to newmembers or the faq. You may ask another user in a comment, but do not post your question. There are better places to ask.
2. PLUG AWAY. Explore your deepest desires for support and recognition. Be the voyeur that you really are. Demand that attention!
3. RESPECT OTHERS. When posting images or large bodies of text, please utilize the lj-cut function to ease the download time for those of us on slower connections/machines. Click here to find out how!

Thank you. =)


From the official site:
"Elfwood is a huge, non-profit home to Fantasy/Sci-Fi art and literature. In response to feedback from artists and viewers, Elfwood has expanded its site to cover a full range of Art, Fiction and How-To Guides. It is tightly controlled to stay within the SciFi/Fantasy theme, as art or stories depicting other motifs are not accepted. We host a wide range of original artwork to behold and inspire, and exciting tales to tantalize the imagination.

The growth of Elfwood has been tremendous since its humble beginning in May 96."

See here for more information.

Moderators of Ew-Lj:
nyx_hemsut, violetice, snowlynx, and wastedfairy

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