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Saul Chernick Interview - Elfwood Plugs

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October 10th, 2008

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10:43 pm - Saul Chernick Interview
I learned about Saul Chernick while reading Paddy Johnson’s Art Fag City blog. In many ways Saul Chernick flirts with the basics of why the practice of creating visual art came into being. He explores a unique purposes of art in that artists have long given physical presence-- as in drawings or paintings-- to the thought of metaphysical entities. Chernick is interested in the visual interpretations of such things because they uncover the beliefs and mindset of those who devised them.

The artist has stated that many of his ideas originate from depictions of miraculous events and figures-- as they appear in Judeo/Christian mythology-- and that he utilizes drawing to revisit, reinterpret, and reconfigure them. The end result is a body of work that meshes old with new in that contemporary issues and secular viewpoints come together with the convictions of past fears and desires that have remained with us in since the Renaissance.

My interview with Saul Chernick:

A Vampyrous Youth
, 2006 - 2008, Ink on Paper, 21" x 14.5"

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